Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

With over 40 years of experience in providing consulting services to a wide range of industries, we have developed in-depth knowledge of Mining/Smelting, Steel, Petro-Chemicals, Energy, Cement, Automotive and Manufacturing sectors.

Some of our clients include:

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Here are a few examples of our success.
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  • advocacy with regulatory agencies
  • dispersion modeling for regulation
  • permitting and compliance
  • process emission inventory development

Integrated Steel Plant

An integrated steel facility was required to improve operations to reduce the incidence of high particulate concentrations in the vicinity of the plant in the early eighties. We developed a comprehensive emission inventory of particulate and developed the dispersion assessment tools to determine the contribution from all sources and develop a long term strategy for plant and operations modifications. This identified open source and roadway sources as the main contributors, and the company implemented cleaning and surfactant application protocols that significantly improved the situation.

As the facility contemplated increasing production, we set up the emission inventory system as well as the modelling tools for use by plant personnel and continue supporting the permitting and reporting process through the major changes in plant processes and facilities.

Base Metal Smelter

A large smelter was required to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions and build a taller stack in order to eliminate exceedences of the standard. As a result of the loss of buoyancy in the stack, the SO2 exceedences were not eliminated, and the facility was required to implement a supplementary control system to predict the occurrence of exceedences and curtail some operations in order to avoid the exceedences.

We set up the forecasting facilities and worked with the company to implement operational procedures and necessary training of personnel to ensure that the operations took appropriate action during adverse meteorological situations. These resulted over a number of years in the virtual elimination of the exceedences and the program continues to meet all regulatory requirements.

Petro-chemicals Plant

We have set up systems for the estimation of air emissions (stack and process fugitives), and used these to prepare complete air contaminant inventories for several petrochemical plants in Ontario. These were used to prepare annual reporting to the national pollutant release inventory (NPRI) as well as for permitting applications and corporate environmental reporting.

The systems were linked to the plant production and other operational databases, and the data used to automate the updating of the inventories on an annual basis as required by regulations, greatly reducing the effort for producing the inventories at these large facilities.