Environmental Management and Reporting

As environmental regulation continues to become more and more complex, so do the needs for reporting to regulatory agencies and other governmental departments, and managing operations in accord with permits. Many facility operators opt to use internal resources to fulfill this function, while others contract to third parties much of the reporting function.

Air Dispersion and Forecast Model Implementation

In situations where the impact of facility operations on the local environment is highly influenced by the meteorological conditions, it may be impossible or economically prohibitive to operate the facility so as to meet the regulations all of the time for normal operating conditions. In such situations it is possible to manage facility operations based on the prediction of the conditions which lead to violation, curtailing operations or rescheduling operations in order to ensure that the operation remains in compliance. CEMC has designed and implemented supplementary control systems for a number of facilities, including Vale Inco and Thompson, Falconbridge in Sudbury, Algoma Ore, Noranda Horne and Gaspé, and Cominco Trail. We offer support of supplementary control systems by training operators, providing forecast and data products, and assisting in negotiations with regulatory agencies.


Regulatory Reporting

We assist medium and large facilities in regulatory reporting, including the NPRI annual reports, comprehensive ECA annual reports, ESDM reporting, and GHG reporting. We have developed general as well as facility-specific software [link to software] to facilitate the reporting function, and provided technical support to facility operators in preparing the reporting and training operators in updating the systems and training of operators.